A maxscript to create biped from mixamo FBX

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This script is used in 3dsmax. Simplifying complex tasks into just two buttons can significantly enhance workflow efficiency. 

Let’s break down the functionality of each button:

  1. Generate Biped from FBX Files:
    • This button streamlines the process of creating a biped (a type of skeletal rig) from FBX files exported from the Mixamo website.
    • The steps involved might include:
      • Extracting the necessary skeleton information.
      • Automatically generating a biped rig based on that data.
    • By automating this process, you save time and reduce the chance of manual errors.
  2. Transfer Weight from Mesh to New Biped:
    • Weight transfer is crucial for ensuring that your biped moves realistically with the mesh.
    • This button likely performs the following actions:
      • Takes the existing mesh (with weights assigned to its vertices).
      • Transfers these weights to the newly generated biped.
      • Ensures that the biped’s movements closely match the original mesh.

Let’s explore the video to see how the tool works: https://youtu.be/WXOv3iBNR80

Please check the quality of the biped and reskinned mesh using this sample file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1L56mVqON3pEWLbhuBqKARmUZILW7-4Rc


Each model in Mixamo has different rigging with additional bones for items, weapons, etc. You need to relink those helpers/bones to the biped yourself.

There is an issue preventing the script from running successfully: it’s the OpenSubDiv modifier. You need to delete that modifier, and then you can add it again after the script runs successfully.

The script was coded in 3ds Max 2018, and it has been tested and runs well in 3ds Max 2023

Thank you!

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A maxscript to create biped from mixamo FBX

0 ratings
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